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08-07-2017, 09:30 AM
Geekvape 521 Master Kit V3 is coming
GeekVape 521 Master Kit V3 is a perfect and portable all-in-one kit for DIY users. It comes with the most functional tools and accessories in a compact case. It's a really awesome choice for the DIY lovers. Just get it and enjoy your DIY fun! Featuring the quintessential elite-level 521 Tab Mini Ohm Meter, slotted screwdriver, cross screwdriver, elbow pliers, diagonal pliers, scissors, and ceramic-tip tweezer.

521 master kit V3 size Specification:

521 master kit V3 (https://www.vaporl.com/geekvape-521-master-kit-v3-black.html) Comes With:

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Geek Vape Tab Pro Ohm Meter
Tab Pro is a powerful portable ohm reader platform for enthusiast coil builders. It is a multi-functional device that acts as an ohm meter reader, voltage drop checker, rebuilding station and firing test station. Tab Pro has a rotatable connecter, which allows easy access for coil building, testing, and is it usable as a temporary mod. The Tab Pro is made from zinc alloy, PC and ABS, which is extremely durable.

1. 90 rotatable connector, adjustable position to suit personal preference.
2. Strengthened pin and more accurate resistance reading.
3. Sleek design with extremely durable high grade material.
4. Usable as a temporary mod to test builds.

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