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Thread: Kanger ProTank Replacement Coils

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    Kanger ProTank Replacement Coils

    I'm starting to get a little annoyed (pissed off, is more like it). I purchase genuine Kanger replacement coils by the box. They come in packages of five. I ordered four boxes - 20 coils.

    I am on the first box and have found that only one of the five coils "fit" correctly. Here's the problem - after placing a new coil into the "tank" - the piece that screws onto the tank (that sits between the tsnk and the battery) does not screw on properly. One of the five allowed the tank and this piece to screw together fine. Three of the coils gave me a problem as they wouldn't "catch" (not sure of the proper word to use) but if I played with them and screwed the pieces together in a "crooked" manner, it works but its definetely crooked. The last coil won't allow the pieces to fit together at all.

    Has anyone else had this problem? I'm not happy about this as the coils cost over $2.00 apiece and postage to return them doesn't really make it worthwhile. In the case of the crooked ones, I have to be really careful as since the pieces are not screwed together right, they come apart real easy if hit or banged, or put in a pocket - causing a loss of juice.

    I really like my Kanger Pro Mini, but I need something more reliable than this. Any suggestions? It has to be pyrex and fit on an eGo


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    I've never had this issue with the kanger protank. From what you're describing I would suggest asking the supplier to pay for the return postage if it doesn't fit on properly. Plus you don't want to end up with a striped top end. Have you tried contacting the supplier and explaining the issue?

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    Hmmm are they definitely genuine coils? We haven't had any reports of anything like this from customers and I personally have gone through 30-40 coils and have never had a problem. What vendor did you purchase the coils from?

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    I bought them off of Ebay - that may be the problem. Just because they say Kanger on box doesn't mean its certain, right. I ordered 4 more boxes last night from an on-line store with a good rep rather than ebay. We will see how that goes. I'm also going to take the tank and coils to a vape meet tomorrow and show a few people and see if anyone can figure this out.

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    Ah yes, that may be the problem. I have heard of people repackaging knockoff coils in genuine or copied Kangertech boxes. If you don't have any luck at the vape meet tomorrow if you can post up some pictures on here I'd be happy to take a look. First thing to check would be that they have the resistance etched on the base of the head, I know some clone/knockoff coils don't have the resistance etched on there.

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    Hi again,

    First, they do have the resistance etched on them. This is what happened. I put the coils and the piece that goes between the rank and battery in a bowl and poured hot water on them and let them soak and then dry out. Afterwards, I tried each one of them and every single one fit perfectly as it should and everything screwed together properly. Ok, so I assumed that maybe it all just needed a cleaning. Not so fast, after filling the tank with juice, the problem returned. I tried to purchase a new piece to go between the tank and battery, but my local B&M doesn't carry it. So, I ordered a ProTank 2 and will see what happens with that once it arrives.

    BTW - I see you carry the UniTank. What do you think about it so far. I wanted one as it can be filled from the top but am holding out until they release a pyrex version :-)

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    Hmmm could it maybe be a problem with the threading on your base rather than the thread on the coil heads? Once you get the Protank 2 try the coils which didn't work for your mini in the Protank 2 base and see if you run into the same problem. If they work on the Protank 2 my guess is that it is probably a problem with the threading on the mini's base. If that's the case, we have replacement bases in stock and they are pretty cheap. As far as the Unitank, I do like the top filling feature, however, as you said, I don't like that it isn't glass. I haven't used it extensively (only put about 5ml of liquid through one) but the performance was pretty similar to the Protank. I hope that they eventually bring out a glass one but I don't see it happening for a while unfortunately. The way that the Unitank is designed isn't really suited to a glass tank due to the requirement of threading on the tube itself which, at the scale of the Unitank, wouldn't be very cheap or sturdy.

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    Well, I went to vape meet tonight and showed it to some knowledgeable guys. Like you said, its a problem with the threads. All of my problems have been solved, I won a Chi You Clone. So who needs Kanger coils. (Not that I have ever attempted a rebuild) :-)

    I have to see if the threads are screwed up on the tank as well as that mid section. The mid section is a problem. The tank is questionable. I need to fix it as it's a nice little tank. I'll get back to you when I know exactly what I need.

    Thanks for your help

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    Glad to hear you figured out what the problem is! And congratulations on the winning the Chi You clone! It's one of the better clones in my experience, nice and solid with a good set of threads on it, plus it has the kick attachment tube which is nice

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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    Glad to hear you figured out what the problem is! And congratulations on the winning the Chi You clone! It's one of the better clones in my experience, nice and solid with a good set of threads on it, plus it has the kick attachment tube which is nice
    It seems to be a nice solid device. It already made me lose interest in all that came before :-)

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