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    Vices Electronic Cigarettes

    I decided I wanted a Vamo V2. A V5 would be nice, but I am trying to economize and find you can get a V2 for a nice price these days. I looked around, FastTech (of course) and various vendors that came up via Google searches. Oh yeah, and E-Bay. Vices Electronic Cigarettes had the best deal I could find other than FastTech. The difference in price was only a few dollars so I decided to go with Vices and get it sooner rather than later. I submitted my order and had a choice between First Class and Priority mail. I chose First Class. Damn! It was in my mailbox the next day!!!! Granted they are located in Florida and so am I, but I was not expecting over night delivery! They also wrote a nice thank you on the invoice in pink magic marker. Nothing like the personal touch.

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    Always great to hear good reviews about a vendor.

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    Ah, yeah, it's a nice thing when the vendor takes a thought about their clients. On the one hand - it takes so little to do so, but on the other - people are very busy nowadays... Anyway, glad to hear that you're happy with them! Lots of sub-par vendors out there...

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    I had the same experience with ordering my eSTICK.With first class - next day! I was blown away and vaping away !

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    Lightning fast shipping is awesome when your waiting for a new vape. Thanks for sharing this!
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    thanks for the fast shipping, i can enjoy may vaping....

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