Wotofo Serpent Mini RTA Tank Review

Wotofo Technology, a well-known Chinese company producing electronic cigarettes. It makes quality and most importantly available devices for soaring. Each their device brings something new to our cloud world. Single helix "king" Wotofo Serpent RTA with diagonal racks for installation of fat-wound windings and powerful blowing. The newest unconstrained Conqueror RTA with a well thought-out spiral installation system and cotton packing. And today on the new website of Wotofo, the name of the new Wotofo SERPENT MINI RTA comes first.



The device is made of stainless steel and pyrex-glass in the form factor of the tank. In diameter, the tank has a size of 22 mm, and a height of only 29 mm. With this size, the weight is 80 grams. Refueling at the tank top, by unscrewing the top-cap, which is installed 5-millimeter 510th drip-type. A feature of this drip-type is its hollow structure.

The tank has two holes for filling symmetrically opposite each other. They are huge, they will definitely be enough to comfortably fill the tank from any container with liquid.

Refueling the tank by the way will have a frequent periodicity, since its volume is 3 ml. The liquid level can be controlled through a transparent pyrex-glass, which is finally replaceable. The blowing holes have a size of 10x1.5 mm, the tightening ring is turning in both directions. Below 510 is a gold-plated adjustable pin.

The device is still available in steel color. But lovers of pampering will still be satisfied - the tank can be customized with multi-colored o-rings.


Serpent Mini is a single-spiral tank. Access to the database is carried out without draining the liquid. Apparently so well holds pyrex-glass on the top о-ring. The base consists of two wide racks with terminals 2 mm wide for laying the tails of the spiral, which are clamped with hexagonal screws. The plus pillar is traditionally separated by a PEEK insulator manufactured in Germany. Between the posts there is an aperture for blowing spirals with a diameter of 4 mm. Air from the outside is taken, as I wrote above, through adjustable holes of 10x1.5 mm. Protovki for laying cotton wool two-level with a diameter of about 5 mm. The upper level has a larger diameter than the lower one. Therefore, enough cotton will be placed on top of it. More on the construct I have nothing to say. And it remained for me not only clear processing of the dome. But I think Wotofo will not disappoint us either.

Contents of delivery:

The device comes in a gray jeans box, which has everything to get and start using:

- Device Wotofo Serpent Mini Single coil RTA;

- A set of spare color o-rings;

- Set of spare screws;

- Hex wrench;

- Pillow of Japanese organic cotton;

- Set of spirals;

- Spare pyrex-glass.


The company Wotofo received another beautiful device. Everything is very smart in terms of marketing and common sense. Soon summer, and our cumbersome devices will be sent to the shelf. They will be replaced by a single battery with a capacity of 60-80w. Indisputable leaders of this segment are Evic VTC Mini, iStick Pico, etc.