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Thread: New DIY calculator for android - Vape Assistant

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    Left Thumbs Up New DIY calculator for android - Vape Assistant

    Hello. My name is Nikolay and I'm beginner android developer. Let me introduce my DIY calculator for Android called Vape Assistant.

    Application features:

    DIY eliquid calculator:
    • Calculation of the required ratio of PG / VG / AD and nicotine in the final liquid;
    • Choose the strength of nicotine base and content of PG / VG / AD in it ;
    • Add an unlimited number of flavors to the recipe as a percentage or drops;
    • Adding flavors in the list of favorites;
    • Select the number of drops per 1 ml;
    • Select the number of PG% in the flavor;
    • Ability to add and edit your own recipes;
    • Reminders. Application will notify you when your e-liquid has steeped.
    • Display the total number of components in grams, milliliters and drops;
    • "Expert mode" - the ability to set the density of VG, PG, AD, nicotine base and each flavor. And also increases the maximum strength of nicotine to 1000.;
    • Function "Do not turn off the screen" for more convenient use of the application;
    • "Shake to result": Shake your device to get the result.
    Ohm's law:
    • Calculation of amperage, power, voltage and resistance in a couple of clicks.
    Battery life:
    • Find out the number of possible puffs and the continuous operation of battery
    Smokeless counter:
    • Keep track of how many days you did not smoke and amount of not spent money. The ability to place the widget with statistics on the homescreen
    Volume converter;
    Support shortcuts on Android 7+;
    Ability to change the language of the application different from the system.

    Vape Assistant will constantly expand the functionality. With all suggestions, please email me or contact via the social networks listed in the app.

    Available in Google Play -

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    Upgrade to version 1.4


    - Backup and restore recipes;
    - Ability to share a recipe;
    - A brief FAQ in the DIY e-liquid calculator.

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    Upgrade to version 1.4.1


    - Added all world currencies in the smokeless counter;
    - Added Ukrainian localization;
    - Fix the bug in the recipes section.

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    Upgrade to version 1.5


    - Added support for tablets;*
    - Minor improvements and corrections;*

    If there are any problems with the interface on your device, please contact me.*

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    Upgrade to version 1.6


    - Smokeless counter" has been completely replaced with a new section "Expenses". Now you can track your expenses with visual diagrams.

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    Upgrade to version


    - Added "Diluent". Here you can mix different bases, find out the necessary amount of nicotine, e-liquid, etc.;
    - Added the ability to edit the number of drops in 1 ml for each of the ingredients used. Including for each flavour;
    - Added Italian localization. Thanks to Paolo Todaro;
    - Other minor improvements.

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    Upgrade to version 1.8


    Big changes in the recipe section:
    - Search for a recipe by name;
    - Create categories for recipes;
    - Add notes to recipes;
    - The ability to know the remaining time until the end of steeping of liquid;
    - The process of saving the recipe has been changed;

    - Support Adaptive Icons on Android O;
    - Other improvements.

    If the interface elements on the Meizu phones are displayed incorrectly, please contact me.

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    Upgrade to version 1.8.5


    - Added dark theme

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    Upgrade to version


    - Added German localization. Thanks to Rene Reiff;
    - Fix the bug on the Asus devices.

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    Upgrade to version 1.9


    - The section of favorite flavors is completely changed. Gradually all the flavors of the main manufacturers will be added. The ability to edit the density and number of drops in ml for each flavor. When choosing flavour from the list, its density and drops / ml (if indicated) will be automatically inserted in the corresponding fields;
    - Changed the design of the Flavours section in the calculator.
    - Flavors on the final screen are now displayed in the order of adding;
    - In "About the app" added the ability to create a backup of all settings and its subsequent recovery;
    - And many more small changes that I can not remember.

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