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Thread: Philip morris places anti-smoking advertisement in papers

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    Philip morris places anti-smoking advertisement in papers

    Tobacco firm Philip Morris has placed an advertisement in some newspapers promoting its "ambition to stop selling cigarettes in the UK".

    It is part of the company's drive to achieve a "smoke-free future".

    The text of the advertisement runs: "Our New Year's Resolution: we're trying to give up cigarettes".

    Source: BBC News

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    I think it would not be fair to implement something like the ban on buying cigarettes and I am sure that no one will ever be able to do such a thing. I personally don't smoke cigarettes but for some time I started to like CBD vape witch I found on where are also CBD oil tincture and altogether makes my life much beautiful. I know that some people are against something like this but you have to accept that each of us has the right to choose.
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