Hi,guys! Today let me show you an amazing RTA named Wotofo Bravo RTA. Maybe itís designed for you, So how do you like the RTA? And letís see the introduction below:

Wotofo Bravo RTA is a 25mm with RTA with amazing knurling and great airflow. It is with a top cap that has a 1/2 turn design, and easy to get your top cap on, just press down and turn it 1/2. And the Deck is a floating two clamp gravity system. For added stability the clamps follows a groove in the post. The screws are heated treated Phillips Screws and extra long to allow for bigger builds.The deck is SS except for the Gold color which obviously is gold plated. It is a atest Rebuildable Tank Atomizer that we never heard of before collaboration between with Aaron Hart. Let's following thems to make the switch to the very big world of vaping.

There are two types of glass. The Bubble Glass can hold 6ml and the regular glass holds 4ml of E-Liquid. The airflow is massive that leaves this satisfying swooshing sound that just might remind you of the sound of a helicopter. Having massive airflow, the flavor is banging and will not disappoint.

If you want to know about the pictures and more details about Wotofo Bravo RTA, please click the link here: https://vapesourcing.com/wotofo-bravo-rta-25mm.html