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Thread: Vaping won't stain teeth unlike cigarettes, new study suggests

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    Vaping won't stain teeth unlike cigarettes, new study suggests

    Cigarette smokers often suffer from stained teeth. But this dilemma may not apply to persons that use vape cigarettes according to a new study!

    On Saturday, a newly published study suggested vaping doesn't stain teeth. Scientists from the British American Tobacco (BAT) conducted a study that examined teeth exposed to cigarette smoke and teeth subjected to vaping over a two-week period. The results were presented at the American Association for Dental Research's annual conference.

    News source: UK.NEWS.YAHOO.COM


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    this is interessting:-)

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    Thank you for sharing)

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    Just buy this And it's irrelevant how much you'd smoke. Teeth will always be white.

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    I actually realized this myself as since I've given up smoking my teeth are doing so much better. I tried giving up smoking a few times before, but nothing stuck cause as soon as I made a mistake I would allow myself to drift back into it. All of this time alone in the house let me realize that it's a hard journey and that I can make mistakes, the important part is to stick to the plan. I switched to vaping thanks to an article on how to stop smoking and I think that's what helped me the most through all of this, cause it was a tactic that I haven't tried before. I'm super proud od myself and how far I came.
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    Yes, that's true. I've tried it myself. I was a smoker back then and had some problems with my teeth. It gt better when I switched to vaping. But you should use quality e-liquids. I buy my stuff from this vape shop. I don't know guys, I like my stuff to be good. Any other suggestions btw?

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    This is great news! I have not been able to quit smoking cigarettes for a long time, and I am trying to switch to vape, after this news I have another incentive to quit cigarettes.

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    Why didn't anyone tell me this before? I would immediately quit smoking cigarettes and switch to vape. I suffered for a long time because of the color of my teeth and did not even suspect that cigarettes have such an effect. I am lucky that good specialists from took care of my teeth. They said that cigarettes hurt my enamel, but I didn't think it was that bad. I've been trying not to smoke for a while, and it's really hard for me. Now I can smoke vape and still have white teeth.
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