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Thread: What is Vaping - A Beginnerís Guide to Vape, eLiquid and Hardware

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    Hello All newcomers here!, Welcome to the Vaping Community Forum.

    If youíre very new to vaping, then the world of vaping and e-liquids will surely be very confusing for you. To be true, itís quite obvious to you, because as a newcomer, youíve probably noticed a wide spectrum of e-liquid flavors & hardware devices out there.

    And we understand that it is very difficult for you to know what is vaping exactly and where to start. To cover all basic about what is vaping?, what exactly is e-liquid? How to Get Started with Vaping? Choosing Your First Vaping Device! and Various studies about vaping.

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    Hey, I want to quit smoking and start usig vape. Can you share your experience? Where can I order a good vape(I'm from Thailand), what about flavors?

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    Good choice! Replacing cigarettes with vape is really a great choice, it is obvious that quitting smoking at all would be perfect, but habits are habits, you have nothing to do with them. I switched to vape 5 years ago and I feel much better physically. In search of replacing my vape which is already old, I came across to RelxInfinity Pod, btw the manufacturers are right from Thailand. The part I like here is that they have many flavors for RELX Infinity Pod and the amount of nicotine is very small. I hope'll you find something you like and try to quit smoking (even if I still can't )).

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