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Thread: Strawberry Kiwi Salt Factory E-Juice

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    Strawberry Kiwi Salt Factory E-Juice

    Strawberry Kiwi- Salt Factory E-Juice. is a sweet strawberry taffy with a slight touch of kiwi delivering the ultimate candy experience.

    About Salt Factory E-Juice
    Salt Factory E-Liquid a little bit of salt will not destroy your favorite vaping experience. Salt Factory is introducing a collection of four salt e liquids that will probably give most of us a better vaping time than when vaping using regular e liquids. All four salt e liquids include salt based nicotine that offers an amazing throat hit. This might sound scary, but it simply means that the flavors in the salt e liquids will be more powerful, allowing you to taste each one in its entirety. Salt Factory created two blends that they decided to mix with menthol.

    Size: 30mL Nic Level: 35mg, 50mg.

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    Thanks for sharing, I will check this out.

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