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Thread: Can Shisha become a vape Juice?

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    Can Shisha become a vape Juice?

    Hi! I am Samuel and im from Russia but currently i am in Texas right now. I'm a vaper enthusiasm and I'm just thinking, can shisha become a vape Juice? I really fall in love with Shisha for the first time i try it at KSA . What you guys think about Shisha in vape liquid?

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    Hey Sam! im about to ask the same thing too! been thinking about it since last month and wondering, if there's any recommended shisha flavor for me to try!

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    Hi there,
    What is shisha? Can somebody explain?

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    Shisha is shisha lol u have never tried any shisha before??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adam Khalif View Post
    Shisha is shisha lol u have never tried any shisha before??
    I know what you are talking about

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    I tried it and i can do it. I've smoked it for a while but it ticked my throat. I didn't see mush of a difference in smoke clouds too.

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    That's exactly the kind of flavor I was looking for a long time. Where can we buy this? I know that most people prefer flavors like menthol or apple when they vape but I would love something more extreme as it's closer to my taste. I used to be a heavy smoker and after visiting my doctor and having a look at my lings I knew it was either vaping or concer later on. So I got a nice set and I'm slowly cutting my nicotine levels to the minimum. i got already some really cool aspire coils as I like to be able to change easily and fast my coils and now I'm just taking it easy witout smoking at all!
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    niceee I also had no idea

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    hehehehehe looks like we have some shisha beginners here (google it guys, maybe you will get interested ). I wanted to try shisha for a while now since all I have been sticking to the past two years was cookie and blueberry flavor, got tired a little bit But, I still smoked shisha from time to time, so I am wondering if the manufacturers could think about such a taste I should make a quick search, but even if I find something, I am afraid of the liquid quality, cause I am used only to smoke THC Vape Juice and I really like it, so even if I will find another product, I think I would not change it.
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