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    I won a mod a while back, so of course, I had to buy batteries and chargers. I ended up with a TrustFire charger. I think it was the only option. Not knowing anything about it, I bought it. What a mistake. It's only about two months old and one channel is already bad. The LED is green and stays green no matter what. I can put a dead battery in it and it won't charge as it thinks its already charged. Junk!

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    For the same kinda money you could have picked up a nitecore or an xtar chargers - The trustfire ones are far too cheap and nasty - They work for a while but i have seen plenty of people having problems with the cord blowing

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    That's the shame of it, for the money I could have purchased a decent, reliable charger. I was trying to do the honorable thing, and bought it and the batteries from the B&M from whom I won the clone. Usually I would research and buy on-line. I knew I'd be paying more than I had to, but trusted that they were selling me a decent product. That's it for me. I am not buying anything other than juice from a B&M anymore.

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    B&M's are fine as long as you know what you're looking at and how expensive or cheap it is - Admittedly they have overheads so it's always going to be a little bit more but then there's the chance you're going to get something that you don't want as well - To be honest i'm surprised anyone still stocks the trustfire ones as there are better chargers out there for not much more money

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    I have a new charger! I bought a Nitecore. Double the capacity with a better reputation. It cost me $4 more than the TRustFire. (I got it at another local B&M). It seems to be a good charger. I wish I had bought this one in the first place. Oh well. At least I don't have to worry about the second channel going out on the TRustFire after everythings closed and my batteries die :-)

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    Good call, the nitecores are good value and all around good chargers especially for the price!

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