Uwell Caliburn Pod Kit was sent to me for review from Cigabuy

Whatís In The Box?

- Uwell Caliburn Battery with pod
- Uwell Caliburn Pod
- Micro USB cable
- Manual

Uwell Caliburn Pod Kit Features:

- Size: 110◊21.2◊11.6mm
- Material: Aluminium Alloy, PP, PC, ABS
- E-liquid Capacity: 2ml
- Battery: 520mAh (internal)
- Output: 11W (max)
- Pod resistance: 1.4ohm
- Button or automatic fire control
- Fault diagnosis function
- Top fill pods

Manufacturing Quality:

When considering first impressions, youíll be hard-pressed to find any differences when comparing the Uwell Caliburn to other devices in its category. It shares the same quality aluminum chassis that the Juul uses while also matching its overall dimensions which is a huge mark in its favor considering how impressively compact the Juul was.

While the Uwell Caliburn might share a lot of similarities with the Juul in terms of aesthetics, there are definite and notable differences between the two which make the Uwell Caliburn ahead of its competition.

The first feature that sets the Uwell Caliburn apart is its use of a dual firing mechanism. While not unique or one-of-a-kind in the vaping industry, itís still a definite rarity.

Having the luxury of firing the device up via the draw activated firing sensor or the physical firing button located on the side of the device is well appreciated in this case. The firing button feels sturdy enough and doesnít show any symptoms of the annoying wobble that usually accompanies lower quality buttons.Uwell Caliburn available colors

The mouthpiece which easily comes apart from the base of the device thanks to a magnetic assembly offers a comfortable mouthfeel thanks its ergonomic shape. In addition, it also does a good job of insulating heat away from your lips.

Another notable advantage that the Uwell Caliburn holds over its main competitor, the Juul is its usage of a non-proprietary micro USB charging port which gives you a good amount of flexibility when it comes to charging your device.

Uwell Caliburn Pods:

The pods seem very well constructed and are made of a tough plastic. The airflow is fed from two holes on the sides. It flows from the bottom of the pod which is recessed. The pods utilize a magnetic gold-plated connection. The magnets seem pretty strong, but the pods still leave a slight gap when you drop them in. You usually have to manually push that last bit of the pod in.

Uwell is utilizing parallel coils for the pods, but the overall design of the coil structure is actually a throwback to the old-school carto tanks. I like how the Caliburn combines elements of both modern and newer styles of vapes.

They state that the kit comes with one pod, but it actually came with two ó one in the device, and a spare. Unfortunately, both of them didnít work at all. They just never fired, and I wasted 4 mL of e-juice! Luckily, I purchased a pack of four pods with the device ó all of which worked flawlessly.

I tested the pods mostly with Juice Roll Upz 50/50 nic salt e-liquid, and a few CBD vape oils, most of which were 70% VG. The coils had no problem wicking with any of the e-liquids I tested them with, and the only dry hit I got was when I ran out of liquid. Iíve been using the same pod for over a week and itís still going strong, so its longevity is definitely on point.​

Battery life and LED:

The Uwell Caliburn has a 520 mAh battery capacity, which is sweet, considering it isnít pushing out more than 11 watts. It generally gets me through a whole day of vaping on a full charge. I usually get around 2-3 refills before having to recharge.

Five clicks turn the device on or off. By pressing the power button once, you can check your battery level. It will also display the same color while vaping with the draw activation feature.

Green Ė over 60%
Blue Ė within 30-60%
Red Ė below 30%

The device only takes around 45 minutes to charge using the included charging cable. Thatís double as fast as the JUUL, and it has a larger capacity. It also has pass-thru charging, but it takes a few minutes to initiate when its fully depleted.


- Warm flavorful vape
- Button and draw-activated
- 2 mL liquid capacity
- Quick ramp-up time
- Efficient wicking
- ​550 mAh battery capacity
- Lightweight
- Fast charging
- Good vapor production for a pod vape
- Nice restrictive lung draw​


- Not a true MTL draw
- ​​Hard to remove mouthpiece​
- ​​Direct voltage output​
- ​​Limited coil options​
- ​​Included coils didn't work at all​

Overall Experience:

Itís no secret that the Uwell Caliburn doesnít break any boundaries in the design department thanks to its aesthetics being directly inspired by the Pax Juul down to its very bones. What makes it shine however is a short but well thought out list of improvements that make it superior to practically every other pod-style device in its size category.

While the internal battery isnít necessarily ground-breaking, it manages to eke out a respectable amount of vaping power for one day. All in all, its solid and reliable performance make it a great option for any potential or veteran vaper looking for a compact yet well-performing little kit.