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Thread: Rebuilding Protank Coils

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    Rebuilding Protank Coils

    Can anyone help me with some input on rebuilding a protank coil? I can take it apart but by the time i put it in the tank it goes to 9.99ohm. I have 26gauge wire and 2mm or 3mm silica, as well as ekowool. If you have any good videos that will help as well.

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    I was hoping someone would answer you. I have a bunch of coils to rebuild. The thing is, they are so small. I gave up and bought a Patriot clone. I still plan to rebuild the Protank coils someday :-)

    I have a batch that I bought that are driving me crazy! When I put one in new, it vapes like a champ. Asfter I refill the liquid, I get nothing! I don't even touch the coil when I refill, so I don't get it. So far 4 out of 5 in a package of done this. WTF??? :-)

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    Bought the Kanger Protank V3.0 MINI Replacement Coil from eCigWorld awhile back.....its Genuine Coil. These coil heads have been sourced directly from Kanger, so you'll know you're getting the real deal for your Protank and you'll be set to enjoy the clean taste of your favourite eliquids.
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