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Thread: Kanger Protank/Evod Coils

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    Kanger Protank/Evod Coils

    I'll get it going A little background..I started vaping with Volcano and have graduated beyond there batteries with rubber rings instead of ego threads, over priced juice and gross poly-filled cartos. Still not bumped to anything bigger than an ego twist and either a big MT3S tank, a couple evods, protank 2 and a mini protank 2. Most of the time 2 tanks perform excellently while the rest frustrate me until I drain and replace a coil after flipping the white ring over, removing flavor wick and tinkering with the old one. I'm on month 5 of tank life and still occasionally smoke analogs
    A lot of it is that I can't kick it all together without doing what I want when it comes to vaping.. I wanna have 3 or 4 tanks of flavor options that all are going to "act right." lol for my rap fans.
    To date the bigger protank 2 is the only one not to gurgle for some reason or another.. It was tasting burnt after maybe half a tank one day, with a fresh coil.. so I removed some wick, and it helped. The rest of the tanks gurgle, usually remedied with new coil, or same coil after a clean and dry. I'm guess I just want some direction in how to maintain a gurgle free tank.. I love the draw on the EVOD's but they will not do what they are supposed to for long. I baby them when I hit and yet, before long it's pure gurgle. Is it the coil, same for the mini protank.. Tips? direction? Advice" Conversation.

    Oh yeah, I use 60/40..50/50 juice.

    And I love ECigarette Talk
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    I've noticed using an evod coil on my G50 works a lot worse than the protank coil, it could be coil if your using an evod one. I would wash you tank out for the taste, there is this atomizer cleaning product I have found called "Atty Refresher"

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