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Thread: Do you have a favorite Coffee flavor? If so, Where do you get it?

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    Buy Liqua Smoke Juice - Coffee in Melbourne, Australia. Free Delivery and Discount. We offer different e-liquids flavors for vaporizers. Come and see our many of our available E-liquids and pick a flavor and nicotine level to match your needs.

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    We offer Caffe Coffee Supreme e-Liquid flavor for vaporizers. Caffe eliquid flavour is for all those coffee lovers. It gives you the pleasure of the best espresso.

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    I use coffee one from Vapour2

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    my favorite flavor is coffee flavor itself, coffee beans, really, do u like the aroma? I'm n love with this aroma, however there are some side effects, for instance, ordinary coffee is much more delicious than this aroma. I'm such a coffee nerd, to be honest. I love to smell coffee everywhere, I love to drink coffee and I do especially love making coffee on my own. this process itself is a real magic, you know, it's been since old times... I've even bought myself a keurig coffee machine owing to because qualitative coffee for me is equal to the whole day full of good impressions and nice mood.
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    i've never tried coffee flavor by myself, but gonna give a try for some flavors mentioned in this topic - try our premium e-liquids today and experience flavors unlike anything else. We strive to bring you the best quality products and premium flavors, with exceptional craftsmanship.

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