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Thread: Which Battery Manufacturer makes the best battery?

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    Post Which Battery Manufacturer makes the best battery?

    Gonna buy a few 18650's and was wondering who makes the best bat. Not the most expensive, nor the cheapest. I realize that sometimes you get what you pay for, but what is the best for the buck?

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    That kinda depends on what you want to use it for and in - For standard devices i'd go for a panasonic - For Sub ohm if you are planning on that - The sony 30A ones are good. Really depends which device you want to put it in as to which is the best for the buck lol

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    Thanks for the advice!

    Looking to use them in an e-cig. I want to get as long a runtime as I can. Like 2000 ma 18650's. I think I've even seen some 2400 ma's, but I can't remember where. Not looking to stack them...not yet anyway. I don't like the prospect of having them vent on me.

    Thinking seriously of buying a Provari, and was just wondering if the AW batteries that they sell are really that much better than, say, Efest? Dunno, just wondering out loud.

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    In a provari the upper limit is around 3.5A (on the new one) i think -- To be honest any battery that's capable of draining that fast will be fine - There's a lot to be said for AW's but also for efest - If i remember rightly the efest is around a 5A drain limit so shouldn't be an issue - One thing to note though if you are getting a provari make sure you get a battery with a nipple on it - Provaris no likey the flat tops

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    Thanks a heap!! I'll remember the "button top rule" !

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    The only thing you really want to do is stay away from any battery with the word fire in it lol - Trustfire (flame jackets) have always worked fine for me in 14500 form but i wouldn't go grabbing the 18650's as there are just too many choices of better 18650 batteries out there.

    Panasonic, Sanyo, MNKE, Efest, Sony, AW's to name a few are all great brands of battery - Just remember to grab the battery you need per application - I myself have Senybor 10A IMR's in a 6A mod (two) meaning i'm not going to stress the batteries even running full flow

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    This is the big question! Right now in 18650 size the best around are the Samsung 30Q and LG HG2 both have a good 20A rating (how much you can pull) and 3000mah (how long they last) they both perform very well in regulated mods! These are the batteries I use and this is just a personal recommendation for 26650 size batteries I use the Hohmtech Hohmgrown batteries but the Mxjo yellow batteries perform well too!

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