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Thread: My DIY Tribeca Recipe

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    So I've been playing around a little bit and I really like this DIY Tribeca flavor.

    10ml of VG
    9.2ml of PG
    7.2ml of 100mg nic
    3ml of Double RY4
    0.2ml of cotton candy
    0.2ml of acetyl parazine
    0.2ml drops ethyl maltol

    = 30ml of amazing 24mg e juice

    Flavors from: The Flavor Apprentice
    PG, VG and Nic from RTSVapes

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    What PG/VG% mix is this? Do you use PG or VG nicotine?

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    Welcome To E-C-T clone1008

    It's about a 67 % pg / 33 % vg mix. I do add a little extra flavor sometimes. I use PG nicotine from RTS Vapes.

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    Thank you for the info. This would be my first try at making my own juice. I started on Tribeca and absolutely love the stuff just not the price. Any suggestions you have for a newbie on making my own?

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    I would suggest wearing gloves when dealing with the nicotine, using an E-Cig calculator, and have paper towels. You can get some gloves at your local walgreens or pharmacy and while you're there ask them for some free syringes without the needles. I get the syringes for free there because my dog takes medicine that I have to buy there and they give me a bunch of syringes, but I'm sure they will just give you some free. Once you have everything in your bottle, make sure you shake it really good for a few minutes before vaping it.

    Good luck with making your own Tribeca

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    Tried your recipe and I love it.

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    lovely recipe.................................I like it.

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    It seems so nice, I like it! Thank you for sharing

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