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Thread: Cartomizers - E-Cig-Cartomizers by Vapor4Life

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    Cartomizers - E-Cig-Cartomizers by Vapor4Life

    Filter Vapor4Life’s E-Cig-Cartomizers selection by product line and flavor family. If you’re looking for long-time vaping, go for Premium CoolCarts—they’re high-resistance and heat at a lower temperature, so you can vape for a while. WOW Vapor carts are lower resistance, just the thing if you love flavor-filled thick vapor. With the biggest variety of flavors around, there’s always something for you to discover. Listen for that familiar sizzle, and get vaping.
    wow_apple_cinnamon_cranberry.jpg wow_melon.jpg wow_mixed_berry_sampler.jpg

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    WOW Vapor Apple Cinnamon Cranberry Cartomizers
    Turning a cold, winter night warm is easy with Wow Vapor Apple Cinnamon Cartomizers. These delicious e-cig cartomizers start out with the taste of fresh apples, and finish with a spicy cinnamon bite. Grab some today for the cold days ahead. Each box includes 5 prefilled cartomizers. View more electronic cigarette cartomizers...

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