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Thread: E-Liquid Newbie Thread

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    E-Liquid Newbie Thread

    Whats a good place to get the supplies needed for a newbie that wants to make DIY juice?

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    Do you use one of those e-liquid calculators, and if so could you provide a link?

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    I'm starting to experiment with making my own juice as well. Good Info here so far, I'm gonna subscribe to the thread.
    A bad day vaping is still better than a good day with a cigarette!

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    If you are looking for E-Liquid bottles then look no further than us. We are UK based, have competitive prices and quick delivery. If you do make a purchase then mention E Ciggarette talk in the comments box at checkout.

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    Use google to list 5 vape companies. Short list them by trustpilot reviews. this is the only way to place an order from a best vape store.

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