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Thread: Caffeine E-Liquid

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    Caffeine E-Liquid

    I bought this e-liquid from It is caffeinated. I really didn't think it would work but after vaping on it for a couple hours I had to stop. What are your opinions on this? I was thinking it was a placebo at first, but now I believe it works to some degree.

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    Having had caffeinated red bull flavor liquid in the past i can confirm it certainly does work - However caffeine will occasionally solidify and i had one eliquid go completely white at the top as it all bundled together - For me now i just wouldn't mix the two and would rather get it from coffee or drink than in e-liquid ...

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    I don't know if I'd mess it...I say with an ecig and a cup of coffee in each hand.
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    It sound interesting and it could be an interesting vape. I might have to try it out to see how it taste and if it works.

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    I like the coffee flavors. If i could get a little boost vaping it would be great but I too like real coffee too much.

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    I hope it gets me back on my feet

    Yes Caffeine has been my source to get on my feet whenever i feel low or am tired. I am a chain smoker and need one before jumping out of bed with a cup of coffee. Would try the flavor soon to see if i can shun the coffee.

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    having both ecig and coffe is good and perfect.

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    i get enough drinking coffee

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    I use coffee liquid and i love it

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